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Former & Listed Buildings of Great Baddow

Listed Buildings (source:

The extracted list of listed buildings from the source above is currently being processed and photographed. The current version is viewable here.

Former Buildings

This set of 4 photos, provided by Chris Harvey, shows examples of local buildings before they were lost due to rebuilding in the latter part of the 20th century.

Baddow Hall Manor House
(Demolished and replaced by Baddow Hall Estate in the 1960s. The house stood at the south-west corner of Gilmore Way, named after the last owner, Mrs. Gilmore

Old Shops in the High Street around 1955
(The black and white shops on the right were demolished in the 1960s as part of a road widening scheme.)

Noakes House - front view
Replaced by the Buckley's development in the late 1960s, named after Mr. Buckley, the medical consultant who owned Noakes House at the time)

The Vineyards Mansion
This house was situated where the local shopping centre is located today.

Baddow Hall

Baddow Hall

High St Shops

High Street Shops circa 1955

Noakes Place (front view)

Noakes Place (front view)

Vineyards front entrance

Vineyards front entrance


Click on any image to open a larger version. You will then be able to navigate to adjacent images by moving to the middle left or right of the image and clicking on the arrow which appears. When finished viewing images, click on the "X" at the bottom right below the image or click the background webpage (or press ESC key).

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