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Having been contacted by descendants of John Pascall, we have decided to add some further details about this eminent member of Great Baddow society and encourage other contributors to supply us with any further details they may have. Initially our key resource has been Christine Steele's "A Study of Great Baddow" from which we have gleaned the following (reproduced with kind permission of the author) :-

In Christine's Table of Ownership of the Manor of Great Baddow, we discover that in 1509 Henry VIII gave it to Catherine of Aragon as part of the divorce settlement. It was returned to the Crown under Edward VI and then either granted to or bought by the Paschall family (the spelling varies between Paschal, Paschall and Pascall - note that Paschal Way is the spelling in the road name in Great Baddow which commemorates the family).

John Paschall married Margery, who died in 1544, and they had two children Mary and William. The family ownership of the Manor from the 1500's is shown below.

Paschall family and the Manor of Great Baddow

In 1547 Edward VI gave the parsonage to Sir Walter Henley, who by licence transferred this rectory, church and the advowson of the vicarage to John Pascall Esq., in whose family it remained for a long time [the advowson was the right to collect the tithes and appoint the rector etc.] In 1556 John Pascall gave the living to the poet Alexander Barclay.

The Pascall family were known to be strong Catholics and refused to attend Church of England services during the Reformation. This offence - known as recusancy - was against the law and the list of Essex Recusants 1582 - 1642 includes entries for

1620John PascallGt Baddow, Gent20
1625Alex PascallGt Baddow, Gent (twice)100

Christine also notes that the Coat of Arms of the Pascal family are "...somewhat a mystery. The various forms given in the Essex Visitations on heraldry give varied descriptions. Morant another (in Morant's Essex, Vol 2, P 18) and the arms above Jane Pascal's engraving (in St Mary's Church) yet another. The factors common to all are a black cross on a white background, Lions and Falcons and in all the descriptions a paschal lamb, with obvious connotations. Using these and with the help of the county archivist I have made the sketches of the arms as accurately as possible. (reproduced below)"

Pascall family Arms and Brass Rubbing

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